An update before the semester begins

I am about to begin my second semester of seminary at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. I am really excited about the classes that I am going to be taking. I am taking a class on 1 Corinthians, taking the whole semester to process and study that book and its applications for today’s context. I am also taking a class on Spiritual Formation and I’m really excited to start on its reading (especially “Knowledge of the Holy” by Tozer). Three other classes I am taking are Biblical Leadership, going to the Justice Conference to develop a theology of justice and applications from the speakers there, and my practicum at EPIC Youth Ministry at Powell Valley Covenant Church.
I am really excited about what God is going to teach me and I hope that I will do a better job at sharing some insights and events going on in class and life along the way. Please pray for me, my studies, and that I will do a good job of balancing work, school, ministry, and my relationships (especially with my wife). I hope this blog post finds you doing good as well!

In Christ,



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