The comfortable Christian

So last night my friend Aj and I hung out and we talked about our lives and where God is calling us in ministry and leadership positions in the spheres of influence that we have been privileged with being a part of. We also talked about how being comfortable and following Christ are not necessarily always compatible. So I decided to try out a new genre of writing on the blog: poetry!

Christian, coffee & comfort
which of these is least like the other?
Not that I can’t sip joe and hang with my bro,
but are all the trappings of blessings really what following Jesus is all about?

Following Jesus is not about me
Jesus is always pushing me out of my comfort zone,
He wants to confront my weakness and confirm my strengths.
Can I really learn all these things from within the stain glass walls?

I don’t strive for success,
I strive for sanctification
to endure suffering for the sake of Christ;
Holiness and obedience!

Forgive me Lord of my consumerism
help me to be a servant to those who are lost.
May my life be an offering for you,
help me sing your praise all of my days!


Let me know what you think!

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