Book Review: Your First 2 Years in Youth Ministry

Even though this isn’t a new book, “Your First 2 Years in Youth Ministry” by Doug Fields was a very helpful resource for me. Although I’m only a volunteer/intern at the youth ministry I’m involved with it gives me helpful insights into many important topics of ministry leadership such as working with parents, dealing with conflict, teamwork, responsibilities and ministry leadership.
Two points that were covered in this book and that I have been more convinced of over and over again in my youth ministry experience as a student and leader is that God is desiring us to be in continual relationship with Him and others to share life together and love one another. The second point is that ministry has to be a team effort. Any ministry that is personality-driven will not be successful in the long-term of discipling students and keeping them in fellowship with the church body. Finding the right people to be on your team, shepherding them, and encouraging them to walk together and know each others stories and struggles will create an atmosphere of love within your ministry.
I am thankful for Doug Fields’ writing and work. If you haven’t read this book and you are new to youth ministry leadership, this is a great book!


One thought on “Book Review: Your First 2 Years in Youth Ministry

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