Why I want to be a Youth Pastor

So I have really love being involved with my church for the past three years as a youth worker with middle school and high school students because of the people, students and volunteers, that I am with. Ever since I felt God’s calling into ministry, I have always thought that he wants me to focus on serving in “Student Ministry” (both kids and teenagers). The last few days I’ve been thinking about why I want to be a youth pastor.

I remember my youth pastors and the influence they have had on my life. They helped me develop a strong relationship with God, gave me some life lessons, taught me about the Bible, and gave me experiences to serve God and my friends. They never did this only from a program perspective, but also in relationship and one-on-one discipleship opportunities. Things like youth conferences, discipleship classes, sermons, missions trips, and hanging out at Starbucks early once a week before school.

The more I think about God’s calling in my life along with the encouragement, comfort, and advice of my parents and youth leaders gave me, the more I want to do more to invest in student’s lives and engage them with God’s love through listening to their thoughts and concerns about life, talking about lessons I have learned, showing them more of who God is, and having fun!

I know that getting a dream job as a Youth Pastor won’t make things easier or better, but I do know that it is a step into learning how to trust God more and obey His instructions as I live to proclaim the love and truth found in the gospel to the people I love.


5 thoughts on “Why I want to be a Youth Pastor

  1. Once again, I have an article you may like.


    And I would actually wager to say that getting a dream job as a Youth Pastor will make things good, if not better. Not necessarily in our human understanding of what is good or better, but in the fact that you’ll be leading kids to Christ, teaching them the gospel. That’s advancing the Kingdom, which is awesome! And even when it gets difficult, you know that you’re still doing what God plans for you because “for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). Everything you do, every obstacle life throws at you, is designed to conform you more and more into the image of Christ, which is the best good that can come from the life of a Christian.

  2. I have been thinking about some of the special Christian adults that the Lord graciously sprinkled my childhood path with. Children need teachers, mentors, friends. I can definitely relate to your desire to give back, in a way, what God has given you. May He lead you and strengthen you in your ministry for the youth! :)

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