Thou shalt not Distract

Are distractions during mid-week and weekend youth services something that bother you? Are you constantly trying to remind your students not to talk, text, make funny noises and more?
I have learned the key to success in this area is not to be a control freak but to ask students if they are willing, for the betterment of themselves and others, to put their electronics away and focus on worshiping and hearing what God has to say through testimonies and God’s word. Also, during Sunday’s main service I don’t sit in the youth section, but I try to invite youth to come sit with me and usually another married couple, college-age student, or young adults. This allows them to get to know people outside of their age group.
I think that some kids cause distractions because they need to be noticed…so notice them and teach them how to be more engaged in your youth group and church, give them a responsibility that they are proud of being a part of so that hopefully they will want to be a role model of what to do in church.
What do you do when students are causing distractions?

Let me know what you think!

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