Sandals and Second Graders

So this last week Jennica and I volunteered for Vacation Bible School, or as our church calls it: Kids Camp. Let me be honest, we weren’t one of the first people to sign up when the volunteer sheets went around service. Actually we decided the day before, last Sunday, to get involved. We got placed with a class of second graders. Needless to say, it was an amazing investment of time and energy into kids lives. Some had never been to church, others were Bible scholars, and a few didn’t care that much for anything except snack or game time. Over 200 kids attended and a handful even made decisions to follow Christ. This event is one of the biggest outreaches that our church is involved in. There were also more than 75 volunteers! I would encourage you, if you are a ministry leader or a parent who is passionate about reaching kids, to help work with your church in developing an outreach and serving opportunity for those in your church. This doesn’t have to be an event, it could be an ongoing project of interacting with those in your community and building relationships because it is in relationship that people see what Christ has done in us. When you do have an event that draws people into your building make sure you do follow-up. A few of the youth we now have in our youth group are there because of this Kids Camp outreach.
I really felt like the overarching lesson of the week that God left me with is to continue to be passionate about reaching children, youth, and families with the gospel and the truth in God’s word. This summer I have been taking it easy and not doing a lot of activities within church because I want to avoid ministry burn out. This is a good thing in itself, but I know that I haven’t been focusing on being refreshed by God. I spent a good amount of time yesterday reading the Bible and just praying for God to help me overcome my impatience, insecurities, and wrong attitudes I have about serving God and loving people.
(Oh I also learned it’s a bad idea to wear sandals when trying to keep up with second graders! haha)


One thought on “Sandals and Second Graders

  1. Those few that made decisions for Christ are what it is all about. That is great that your church had such a large turnout. I truly believe that even if we do not see immediate results, if we have walked in the Lord’s leading, seeds have been planted and those children’s lives have been blessed!

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