Summer challenges

So I was thinking about how now most students are out from school for the summer. I remember that the summer was always the best time of the year because, being from Washington, it was mostly sunny weather and nice enough to be outside for a lot of activities. I also remember that particular summers I was more inclined in spiritual growth like praying, reading my Bible, making time to help out others, and hanging out doing youth group stuff. There were also particular summers that I spent having crushes on girls and not choosing to spend my time wisely. I guarantee that these two opposite pictures of me are also two opposite pictures of students in your ministry.
Students are always looking for new experiences to have and challenges to overcome. May I suggest some team-building and personal challenges and experiences that will help students make better decisions about how they spend their time this summer?
Some ideas:
– Re-acquaint yourselves with one another: some people might be new that you don’t know or could get to know better, especially if they come during a time when attendance is lower than usual. This can help overly shy students to feel more comfortable in a smaller group setting. You can do this through chatting before your service, icebreakers and small-group discussions.
– Challenge students to pick up their Bibles and read them…maybe just a section…maybe the whole thing? Reading might not be everyone’s favorite thing (if so check out The Complete Visual Bible:
– Take a night off from the “regular thing” and encourage your staff to invite a few students (like 2-4) out for a meal at their house or a restaurant in order to just talk about life and see how you can minister to them through prayer or encouraging them with a passage.

I know that there are alot of ideas to be used, but I have been working on this post for a while now and I feel like it’s important just to put these ideas out there. What are some ideas that you might have?


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