An experience with social justice

YM Today published this “Social Justice Scavenger Hunt”

Political pundits on TV and religious leaders in the U.S. have recently taken to debating the notion of “social justice” and the practices of some churches in our country. Why let the pundits and big-wigs have all the fun? Engage your youth in a conversation about social justice by presenting them with any of the hundreds of passages in scripture that speak to the care of those in need. We recently provided our youth with a sampling of texts (such as the ones you see below), divided them into groups, and challenged them to go out into public and take digital images of signs, symbols, events, people, etc. that helped to illustrate their understanding of the passages. Upon their return, each group shared their photos (uploading them to a laptop) and we talked about how they chose to interpret the various scripture texts.

In most cases, it was necessary to help the groups by putting the passages in context (biblically and historically) or to help them understand basic terms. For example, most of the youth assumed the word “justice” had to do with crime and punishment. We spent a good deal of time considering how Biblical justice in particular as taught by Jesus differs from our cultural understanding of the word.

You could do this as a family, small group, or youth group.

See the rest at: Social Justice Scavenger Hunt


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