Book Review of “The Fourth Wave”

Ron Boehme, one of my spiritual mentors, has written a new book, The Fourth Wave , discussing the new era of missions that we are living in today. Before he discusses the current events in missions he takes time to outline how God has worked throughout human history to bring his Good News to the world through Revival, Prayer, Unity, Providence, and Technology.
The increase in mission specialty organizations, majority world missionaries, and the incredible global soul harvest of the 20th Century all are major factors of the Fourth Wave of Missions that the global church is moving into. Boehme, a missionary with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) asserts that “The fourth wave of modern missions will involve people of all ages and nationalities, reaching everyone in the world, using innovative technologies and relational approaches, in all spheres of life, with every believer being missional.” I would agree with his assessment not only from his experiences he shares in the book but also from engaging in ministry with Ron, and my overall experiences working in cross-cultural missions in Mexico, Mongolia, and China.
Pick up a copy of this book for yourself and see how God is placing our generation and the generations before us in a time of great spiritual need, conflict, and revival.
Check it out at:

The Fourth Wave


Let me know what you think!

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