One part of ministry that I have seen in the past few months make an impact in the church where I serve are baptisms. Seeing young and old people declare their faith and committment to Jesus Christ publicly is very special. I think it’s even more special when the congregation is given the testimony of how they came to faith and what Christ has changed in their life. A particular young man that our youth staff has been ministering to for the past three years or so just made a committment to Christ last fall. He was baptized a little bit less than two months ago. The impact that this experience has had on other youth and the people in his family is tremendous. He is actively trying to be a witness for Christ in his school and family.
Yesterday there were four women that were baptized. Their testimonies were very encouraging and hopeful to hear of how Christ changes lives. I believe that a church that is actively gaining new believers who share how Christ has changed them in word and through baptism is healthy and should continue to encourage believers who haven’t been baptized, to be baptized.
Here is an article from Doug Fields that talks about baptism. It’s in 3 parts:


One thought on “Baptisms

  1. just want all of your readers to know how proud all family anf friends are …..andrew
    graduated fri from multnohmah university with a double major in biblical studies and speech communication………..we know God has a great plan for his future!!!!!!!!

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