New and the Old

In the Relevant Magazine article “Suffering from Chronological Snobbery” Ty Faulk discusses the need for the new and the old in our churches. I agree that it is good to discover the richness in the history of our faith and to have a contextualized message that reaches people for Christ. The body of Christ is in need of unity with all traditions of contemporary and liturgical styles of worship; not seperate services. Catering styles is how church-plants of 20-somethings and the church full of elderly people are divided and ineffective to give unity to the body as a whole.

Can we not have coffee and communion? Graphics and liturgy? Videos and hymns? Songs and psalms? New and old? Current and ancient?

I believe we can. And in order to avoid the chronological snobbery pendulum of extremes toward traditionalism and currentism, we must hold both views in tension. This might seem like a contradiction, but it is not; it is a paradox, and we should stay within the center. In this we can avoid the guilt of chronological snobbery, and bring out the treasure of all ages in the rich history of our faith. In the power of this paradox we will experience unity and connection with Christians of the past, while also remaining relevant to the culture of the present.


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