2 thoughts on “Osama’s death

  1. You see, I fully agree with the fact that Bin Laden’s punishment fit his crimes. But the thing is that, according to God’s standard, every sin deserves death and eternal torment in hell.

    It’s great that God got justice in the way He intended to. It’s also great that He gets justice in the way he intended to when it comes to the entire world, because of the death of Jesus taking the wrath of God off of His people.

    When it comes to Bin Laden’s death, on one level I’m glad. It was justified completely. On another level, however, the fact that he died, that he needed to die, was just a sign of the fallenness of our world. God created the world and saw that it was all very good. People didn’t die. They didn’t have to die either. But then sin came along and with it death.

    So it’s a complex thing. It’s good and sad at the same time.

  2. a difficult moral question but sometimes justice is needed to heal and restore our faith that right will win………

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