My grandmother and Rob Bell

Did the title get you to click on this post? Well I wish I could tell you that my grandmother, an avid reader of my blog, got to pick Rob Bell’s brain but she didn’t. She sent me a TIME magazine article called “Is Hell Dead?” by Jon Meacham about Rob Bell’s controversial views in Love Wins (which I still need to go to Barnes and Noble to read).
This article presents the reason for the tension well, but it does disservice when it says that “It was only after the Passion and Resurrection appearances that the early church was compelled to make sense of its recollections and teachings.” That the Bible contains many errors and that the doctrines that most evangelicals hold today were formed by a misunderstood 1st Century group of people who were baffled by their loss of Christ.
This could only be true if they knew that he was dead. Also, Meacham presents a question about the eternal destination of babies and those who have never heard the gospel. My answer would be that God can save people and that the whole notion of salvation through the blood of Christ is in a humans correct response to the amount of natural or special revelation that God gives them. I agree, there will be a lot more people in Heaven that we didn’t expect, but this will be because of God’s grace for those who responded correctly in faith to what he revealed to them.
Read the article online:

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