Sometimes when there are hard decisions to make it’s good to take a break and be reminded of what your inspiration is that keeps you doing this certain activity/vocation/passion…this isn’t restrictive to ministry or to churches.
This blog was part of an inspiring question that was asked at Kaleo, a conference looking at why students leave churches in college…”Are you satisfied to see students leaving your church and not continuing to follow Christ?” My answer isn’t just the casual, obvious “No!”, but it is a heart-felt, compassionate cry for seeing Christian renewal and spiritual formation among our nation’s youth, schools, and families.
The reason I am so convinced that God has led me to participate in working with youth is because of a kids camp that I went to as a counselor in training. Being at Multnomah studying the Bible, working with youth at Central Bible, and growing spiritually all have been confirming for me to keep up and to trust Him for where he is leading me to.
I pray that this blog would help inspire people to really take up what God has given them a passion for and trust him to do it. Have a great day!


Let me know what you think!

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