Worship: an entertainment addiction?

So I picked up an old copy (Spring 2010) of Multnomah University’s magazine and read the article, “Celebrity Divine: How we worship is how we Believe”, by Benjamin Tertin, which addressed the problem of church attendees of seeing worship as a source of entertainment.

He admitted that often the “things I look forward to during the Sunday worship service are mirror reflection of what I expected when I went to see Phish, or any band for that matter. I am expecting to be entertained and to escape from daily life for a while.”

I wonder if this problem is accelerated in our youth programs because of the expectations from students to have “good” music. Also I wonder as Tertin does “Why is my understanding of worship exclusively bound up with Sunday morning music?…If I believed He was with me all day, in every situation, my idea of worship would start to include my spending, my speech, my behavior, my attitude, my thoughts- my whole life in spirit and in truth.”
I am assuming that when youth pastors talk about worship they are expanding on these elements, but I think that we need to teach our youth and student leaders more about this. The students who attend need to hear this from their peers and from adults other than their youth pastor. Also, they need to see the example from up-front leadership and personally experience it with their other senses because it isn’t enough just to use one part of their senses; they have to see it, touch it, and know in their heart and mind that if they have committed their life to Christ the Holy Spirit is working in their lives to strengthen and mature them.

See more of the magazine: http://www.multnomah.edu/magazine/


2 thoughts on “Worship: an entertainment addiction?

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