Ice Blocking

So last night for Jr. High youth group we went ice blocking and it was totally awesome! We all got really muddy and wet because it was raining so much!
Seeing students enjoy life is so fulfilling because I know that not all of them have a very easy time with school, parents or their siblings. These are not just non-Christians but Christians as well who deal with this.
I think that something that is an important value when I minister to youth is to share not only the joy of Christ, but an affirmation that God is working in their lives and that they can be confident when they trust him he will be their guide throughout life. It is important for us to help them realize that life is not all frosting and cake, but also to be intentional and create moments where they are victorious over a hard condition, winners, and valueable.
I think part of this is my biblical recognition that God has created us as human beings with a unique value over all of the other creation, and from my family who taught me about Christ’s love and gave me tools to be a successful person.
Here’s how I define success:

Success is not about making the best grades or the all-star team, but it’s about setting a vision for yourself and relying on God to show you the flaws in your thinking and methodology in order to become transformed and renewed to take on His will for your life.

What this means is that people have dreams that are for self-fulfillment as well as dreams for Kingdom-expansion. The challenge is to submit the dreams of self-fulfillment to God in order to know how God wants to specifically use you in the calling He has given you. Challenge your students not just to give their hearts and talents to Christ, but to be willing to sacrifice “success” in order to be a Kingdom-minded Christ-follower.


3 thoughts on “Ice Blocking

  1. Good stuff bro! It is true that many of us forget that success does not always mean spotlight or money. Success, from the worlds perspective, could look down right pitiful at times. But when true success comes, I think we will know it.

  2. So I think this article is spot on! I hear about people too often describing the path of a Christian as all milk and honey. It’s not, it’s difficult. There are failures and there are successes along the way. And the path of a Christian, the true path of someone walking with God, is about knowing that you can’t walk the path by yourself. And if you fall while walking with God, he’s right there to pick you back up again.

    It’s also true that real success is about finding God’s will for your life. Of course we can have dreams. If we’re walking with God, he puts the desires in our heart to do what he calls us to do, and we’ll love it! For example, I love playing guitar and doing music and audio stuff. I’ve always felt that was a God-given desire. I believe that now more than ever since I’m even closer to God now and that desire hasn’t gone away at all.

    Good article!

  3. so impressed with your blog….it is easy to read and well organized….and very thought provoking…..god bless you and keep up the good work!!

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