A little bit about me and this blog

Hello, my name is Andrew Kruse
First, I want to share what has provoked me to launch this new blog. I am highly interested in the area of youth ministry because of the calling God has placed in my life to serve the church and the world to preach the Gospel and see the Holy Spirit transform people’s lives.
I have been actively working with youth and college students since I was 16 through worship and evangelism. I have worked with Campus Crusade for Christ, YWAM, and in the local church where I grew up in. My work at Multnomah University in the Bible college has led me into a deeper committment to use these passions and seek God. Currently I have been working with the youth of Central Bible Church in Portland, OR for the last three years. I have really enjoyed being on youth staff for the junior high, developing relationships in the church, and helping with a high school mission trip to First Nation peoples in Idaho.
The purpose of this blog is to share information about youth ministry, research, articles, and even funny or thought provoking videos. I am also just trying to start conversations with people for the purpose of networking.
I am praying that God will direct me to good resources and opportunities to progress in serving youth.


4 thoughts on “A little bit about me and this blog

  1. Hey Andrew, I think this is a great idea and I would love to help each other network. I too have been called to serve the youth of our church. Here are a couple of names and numbers I got over mission conference.

    1. Rev. Doug Hazen – NW Regional Mission Director (503)312-1188. This guy has been friends with Shon TenKley for a few years. He was at Jonah the same time as our High School Winter Camp but didnt meet him until mission conference. Even though he specializes in missions he is a great person to talk to about youth ministry resources and specialties. He also hooked me up with some names that he said I NEED TO CALL. Here they are…

    2. David Bilby – Founder/Creator of GOconnect.org
    Rev. Doug Hazen said if you want to do youth ministry in portland or the NW, then you have to give this guy a call.

    3. Marshall Snyder – Founder/Creator of BRIDGETOWN MINISTRY. Doug said this is another guy you need to get in touch with for Youth Min connections!

    The more people I speak with (the last 2 yrs) Pastor David Stevens and Shon’s names keep coming up. I’m told to speak to them by just about everyone who knows them! Jack pot baby!

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